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Fall Yard Cleanup In 6 Easy Steps

By Alex our Customer Service Manager November 27, 2015
These 6 steps are the essential fall maintenance tasks to keep a healthy yard and house, and get your property ready for the winter months. Spending time outside doing yard work will also give you a chance to enjoy the crisp fall weather and changing leaves! Read on for tips on how to make your seas... Read More

Creating A Home Office: Where To Start

By Christopher Luciano November 23, 2015
With recent advancements in communications technology, working from home is more popular than ever. However, some people may be hesitant to work from home because they are unsure about how to create a home office they’d actually want to spend time in. Thanks to this handy guide, creating a home of... Read More

5 Essentials To Great Home Staging

By Christopher Luciano November 20, 2015
Successfully staging your home for open houses is vital for selling your home within a reasonable time and getting top dollar for it. It’s especially important to be thoughtful about how you stage your home if you are listing it yourself and don’t have a real estate agent guiding you through the... Read More

Innovative Ideas For Seasonal Storage Solutions

By Christopher Luciano November 16, 2015
Most of Canada truly experiences four distinct seasons. Braving and enjoying vastly different weather requires a lot of stuff. With our spring rain boots and winter parkas, we tend to own a lot of stuff that is only useful for a few months of the year. Storing these items can present a challenge. U... Read More

6 Ways To Organize A Child’s Room

By Christopher Luciano November 13, 2015
The refrain “clean your room!” has undoubtedly been heard in your home. The problem is that your child’s room may not have been organized well in the first place. Use these handy tips to make sure your little one has the tools they need to keep their room neat and tidy. Remember, a little work... Read More
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