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Your Dad’s old Turntable, Junk or not Junk?

By JunkIt August 10, 2014
Turntables can look like a thing of the past. If it weren’t for DJ’s and audiophiles, the turntable would have likely disappeared a long time ago. Many people have old turntables at home that go unused. You might wonder if your old turntable is worth hanging onto. This depends on what you’re l... Read More

Burlington Flood

By Alex our Customer Service Manager August 6, 2014
The Burlington Flood has caused a tremendous amount of water damage. It is estimated that there are between 800-1000 basements that were flooded.  Our hearts go out to all that have had there homes and businesses damaged. Junk It is Burlington based and can provide fast, same day junk removal and b... Read More

Old Nintendo Games, Junk or not Junk?

By JunkIt August 5, 2014
Old Nintendo games are one of the most common things found in homes. Homeowners in the process of junk removal inevitably come across game cartridges without being sure what to do with them. Are old Nintendo games junk or not junk? It turns out that some Nintendo games can be quite valuable, fetchin... Read More

How Tell If your Old Piano is Worth Something, Junk or not Junk?

By JunkIt July 27, 2014
Have you got an old piano that’s ready for the junk removal company? Many Toronto residents face a difficult decision in getting rid of their old pianos. Pianos often retain their value if they are in the right condition. But what makes a piano retain its value over time? Knowing what to look for ... Read More

Antique Golf Clubs, Junk or Not Junk?

By JunkIt July 17, 2014
If you’re in the process of getting rid of junk in your home, you’ve likely come across items that you consider worth keeping. Golf clubs are common items that junk removal service companies in Toronto regularly come across. But how do you know if your golf clubs are worth keeping? Although some... Read More
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