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9 Things You Didn’t Know You Could Recycle

By Christopher Luciano February 8, 2016
Canadians are becoming increasingly aware of the importance of recycling, which, over time, has resulted in a decrease of items being sent to the landfill. However, although our recycling efforts have increased, it may come to a surprise that some items that we thought could only be thrown in the tr... Read More

8 Signs You Have A Hoarding Problem

By Christopher Luciano February 1, 2016
While every home is prone to clutter from time to time, it can become compulsive wherein all surfaces of one’s home, including countertops, sink and stairs are filled with items. When the amount of clutter in your home begins to affect your life and health, it may be indicative of a hoarding probl... Read More

5 Habits Of A Good House Cleaner

By Christopher Luciano January 29, 2016
It’s always impressive to walk into someone’s home and notice how neat and tidy everything is. No bad smells, no dirty dishes, all articles of clothing are hung up or stored in a well organized fashion. It’s not that certain people are simply endowed with a cleanliness gene and others ... Read More

5 Ways To Keep Your Neighbourhood Clean

By Christopher Luciano January 25, 2016
The difficult part about keeping an entire neighbourhood looking neat and tidy is that it requires a group effort and anyone who has ever tried to coordinate a group effort for anything, whether at school, work, or in the community knows that it is no easy task. Incentive is everything. People have ... Read More

Cleaning Tips For Good Feng Shui

By Christopher Luciano January 18, 2016
Feng Shui is a system of laws that the Chinese consider essential to the governing of spatial arrangement and style that utilize and harmonize the flow of energy in a room. It has existed for thousands of years and whether you wholeheartedly believe in it or not, there is enough history and success ... Read More
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