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How To Safely Dispose Of Batteries

By Christopher Luciano July 25, 2016
Batteries are now in most household products. They offer a convenient power source and are easy-to-use within many devices and appliances. But while most people use batteries on a daily basis, many still don’t understand how to safely dispose of the batteries they’ve used. Within this article, w... Read More

4 Ways To Involve Your Kids In Your Junk Removal Process

By Christopher Luciano July 18, 2016
When you’ve decided you’ve had enough of the junk throughout your home, you can hire a junk removal bin to ensure the ideal, convenient disposal process. But disposal isn’t easy when there are so many people to consider within the home. That’s why many families are now looking to get their c... Read More

How To Dispose Of A Mercury Thermometer

By Christopher Luciano July 11, 2016
One of the reasons the Canadian Pediatric Association does not recommend the use of mercury thermometers in the home is that, if these thermometers break, you and your child or children can be exposed to a toxic substance. Mercury is a liquid at room temperature, but it can quickly evaporate into a ... Read More

What Is Vermicomposting?

By Christopher Luciano July 4, 2016
Many gardeners are now using compost piles to compost their yard and kitchen waste. But it can be a challenge to continually create new compost piles when kitchen waste is constantly being generated by families throughout the year. That’s why many are now turning to a more time-efficient compostin... Read More

Creative Ways To Use Your E-Waste

By Christopher Luciano June 27, 2016
E-waste or waste from electronics such as computers, televisions and telephones is not the easiest to dispose of. Most cities will not accept this type of waste via blue bins, which leaves recycling centres as the only option and they’re not always easily accessible. One way to handle e-waste is t... Read More
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