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Junk Removal Don Mills

Junk Removal Don Mills

Junk Removal Don MillsDon Mills was originally designed to serve as a model community and has grown to support a vibrant community of diverse families. Decisions on public buildings and architectural design were carefully considered because the general public’s appreciation of these areas was a priority. The same regulations applied to city planning as well.

The original efforts have been preserved and Don Mills has flourished into a great mixed use neighbourhood. Both businesses and residents take care to have neat neighbourhoods and clean streets, discouraging others from dumping. If you have large items that are difficult to dispose of and don’t want to interrupt Don Mills’ beautiful aesthetics, Junk It! can help!

We have two main services to help you with junk removal. Our full service waste removal comes with tools and a team of helpers ready to move heavy and unwieldy garbage, while the self-serve option lets you take full charge of the junk removal.

Many of customers finds the full service option useful when items are too heavy to move on their own and they can’t find extra sets of hands to help out, while others are just too busy to do it themselves. However our customers who are more hands on, the self-serve options is perfect.

You can rent entire dumpster, allowing you to take your time cleaning and removing waste. For construction or renovation of homes, your contractors may find it helpful to keep a dumpster on site, keeping dangerous and unsightly items out of your way.

Sorting is unnecessary as we recycle items at our facilities, so all items can go into the bin, including pipers, wooden boards, insulation, packaging, and others, and we’ll sort it out for you when we take it back. The great news is that there is no extra fee for recycling, removing nearly 60% of the materials that would otherwise end up in the landfill.

Our fees are created with the customer in mind, charging up to 15% less than our competitor’s.

In addition, there are no hidden charges! No one likes to be hit with a larger bill than expected, and Junk It! ensures you only pay for what you were estimated. To help with your budget plans, we offer free estimates on jobs so you’ll know what to expect in advance.

We want to help you finish the job quickly. With our same day junk removal and many depot locations around the city, Don Mills can stay clean all year round.

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At the time you order our services if you have found a lower price on an identical, regular priced service from any local Canadian competitor, we will match the price. The competitors' price must be published on their website and available for viewing at the time of booking.

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