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Before and After Junk Removal


The amazing thing about the human race is our ability to adapt to our environment. We tend to get used to our surroundings to the point where what once bothered us, no longer does. Moving from a large environment to a smaller one will only bother us for so long before it becomes part of our “norm”. And this is exactly what happens with our junk.

We don’t see our houses as being cluttered because slowly over the years as junk begins to accumulate, you slowly adapt to it. The realization hits you when you start packing to move house or when you notice your guests whispering behind your back!

Don’t let it get to that point. Below are pictures of  “before ” and “after” a job we did. Look at the difference! Now guaranteed not all your houses look like this BUT we have had many clients say they didn’t think they would fill a bin up, and they did! So let go of all those old clothes from high school, those scraggly towels and those old appliances from the 80’s, it’s time to JuNK iT!

Before And After Junk Removal

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Written April 16, 2012 by Christopher Luciano

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