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Christmas Organizing Ideas


I will admit that up until last weekend my Christmas tree still decorated my living room. I also found out that I wasn’t the only one reluctant to put it away. Sure it makes your living room look wonderful and festive. It has this warm glow that you wished you could have all year round. But although we love our Christmas decorations and the happiness they provide us, in reality we don’t want to take them down because it’s too much of a hassle. There isn’t enough space in the closet, garage or furnace room to shove all the decorations because they are already over-flowing with boxes. What to do? First of all I found that getting rid of some of those old boxes is the best way to start. It’s not the most motivating idea I have ever had but getting rid of stuff you don’t use and making space for stuff that you do use is rewarding in itself. I was browsing styleathome.com one day and came across some wonderful ideas on how to organize your Christmas decorations and store them away properly. I cleared out the mess that was my closet, put up some shelving, bought some clear storage containers with dividers for every single ornament and got to work. The end result was fantastic. My closet was organized and because the containers were clear I knew what the contents of each one was. This even inspired me to make the rest of my house look the same way. So if you end up cleaning out your closets, furnace rooms or garage and find you need a junk removal company be sure to check out our prices at junkit.ca where we can help you make this process a hassle free one.

Written January 23, 2012 by Christopher Luciano

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