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Creative Ways To Use Your E-Waste


E-waste or waste from electronics such as computers, televisions and telephones is not the easiest to dispose of. Most cities will not accept this type of waste via blue bins, which leaves recycling centres as the only option and they’re not always easily accessible. One way to handle e-waste is to repurpose it in a creative way. This can be a fun project that will save you the time and hassle of making a trip to the recycling centre. Here are some creative ideas.

How To Upcycle Your E-Waste

  1. Computer Monitor Turned Storage Unit or Pet Bed. Hollow out an old computer monitor and give it a coat of paint. Have fun decorating it. It’s a great and fun way to store toys or books in a child’s room or office. It can even be turned into a bed for a cat or dog. Simply add a cushion and voila!
  2. Vintage TV Set Turned into Bar. If you’ve got an vintage TV set from the ‘60s lying around (a newer model would also work while a flat screen would not), you can turn this into a retro bar that will hold your liquor and act as a unique drink station for guests. Simply hollow out an old television and use fabric and a glue gun to cover the inside. You can hang some string lights inside of it to light up your bar. Store all of your nicest bottles in the centre of the television where the screen used to be and store glasses and other drinkware on top of the television set.
  3. Nintendo Controller or Vintage Telephone Turned Mobile Phone Docking Station. Use an old Nintendo controller or a vintage telephone in a very retro way to charge and display your mobile phone. Drill a hole in the controller that is the size of your charger and then weave the charger through this hole so that the charger is facing up. Place your mobile phone on top of it and you’ve got yourself a new phone docking station.
  4. Keyboard Turned Pen Holder. This is a very fitting option for a desk with materials you’re sure to have at home. Get yourself a cardboard box (the size of a pen holder) and then pull all the keys out of your keyboard. Flatten the underside of the keys and then super glue the keys on the cardboard box until it’s completely covered in keys.

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Written June 27, 2016 by Christopher Luciano

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