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Dumpster Rentals


So you’ve walked passed your neighbors house a few times and noticed dumpsters sitting in their drive-way and wondered to yourself, do I need one? But how? I’m too scared. Fear us not, because dumpsters are your ticket to a cleaner home! I know exactly what you are thinking. Your furnace room has become a fire hazard, and your garage is looking like a dump site itself and you can no longer stomach the guilt of leaving all your junk at Goodwill. It’s time to get a load of your mind and haul your junk out of there! It’s quick, easy and painless. Get a self service quote from us with no scary hidden costs, and once your bin arrives you can fill it up (flush to the sides of the bin of course with no hazardous material!) and we will take it away when you are done! It’s that simple. So give us a call today at 416.531 5865 or book online and save an additional $25 off!

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Written April 2, 2012 by Christopher Luciano

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