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Explosive Demolition – The Best of 2002


It’s getting colder outside and I’m losing my will to dress up warm like a Michelin man so instead I laze around on my couch on the weekends and flick through YouTube videos. So it was really only a matter of time before I discovered an amazing demolition video that shows the best building implosions of 2002. It’s incredible how they place the explosives at the right points in order for the building to collapse in on itself without wrecking anything next to it. Most of the buildings are in populated areas and it’s mind blowing (no pun intended) to witness such perfection. Has anyone witnessed a demolition? How do they perform the clean up? I’m thinking it would probably take about 100 JuNK iT trucks to even make a dent! I hope you enjoy the video. The Best of 2002 Explosive Demolitions

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Written January 16, 2012 by Christopher Luciano

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