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Fall Landscaping Tips


Winter. There I said it. It’s coming and as much as we all want to deny the fact that we will be freezing soon and experiencing some snow fall, it’s time to take care of our gardens before it’s too late. That’s right. It’s mulching and pruning time. Add about a one to two inch layer of organic mulch, covering the roots of your plants. It helps retain moisture as well as regulates the temperature of the soil. As far as pruning goes, make sure to cut back the branches that appear dead and the ones that aren’t budding anymore. Make a small cut on the underneath of the branch to prevent breaking. Then cut the top half, making a clean cut which will help it heal evenly and promote growth. Make sure to wear protective goggles and gloves to be safe. Cleaning up your garden can result in a lot of debris that needs to be removed. Sounds like a job for JuNK iT! Call us at 416-531-5865


Written October 24, 2011 by Christopher Luciano

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