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Help the Elderly with Junk Removal


Getting old means downsizing to a more manageable location which also means disposing of a lot of your household items. This time can be a very emotional one for some people, as they sort through a life time of collected items that each hold a memory to them. Some might be more reluctant than others to throw out these memories so being apart of this step is important. Because it is an emotional time, you can not only lend yourself physically to them but emotionally as well. When sorting through the items (especially if they are your parents) you can remind them of all the amazing memories you shared and emphasize that this does not mean they are closing a chapter in their life but rather starting a new one. You can also mention how amazing it is to get rid of the clutter and to focus on decorating their new location by saying things like “This would look fantastic in your new living room”. Understanding that this is an inevitable moment in all our lives is essential to making it a hassle free experience. Be sure to make the phone calls on their behalf if they are experiencing anxiety towards the transition. Whether you are renting a dumpster or getting a pick-up, our friendly and experienced staff will ensure that removing the junk was an enjoyable experience! So give us a call at 416-531-5865 whenever you are ready. We will be more than happy to answer any questions and concerns you may have!

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Written April 23, 2012 by Christopher Luciano

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