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Itss a wonder!What a lot more to like about it bed in a bag?


Another obvious candidate vilified on a gender basis (need I say it) is PM Juilia Gillard. Yes, there have been a good few turn arounds on election promises, but this is not new for a PM by any stretch. But Julia policy is not what she most hounded for.

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This information comes from a report called Eight broken promises: Why the WTO isn’t working for the world’s poor. A more complete report, also by Oxfam, is Rigged rules and double standards: Trade, globalisation and the fight against poverty. Read it, especially if you support free trade.

Leslie Murray told officers he owned a bow and arrow, sling shot, pellet gun, up to two dozen firearms and at least two antique grenades. Thomas Murray faces charges of possession of a firearm by a convicted felon and resisting arrest without violence. He has a history of illegal gun offenses, including robbery in Polk County.

(courtesy : Australian War Memorial, Donor: A. Jackomos)He enlisted at Claremont, Tas, on 20 September 1916. Pte Maynard joined the 24th Reinforcements to 12th Battalion and embarked at Adelaide on the troopship Seang Bee (A48) on 10 February 1917. Gimli being a total hard ass makes sense in every way. It justifies his presence in the Fellowship as a key player of the team, rather than some guy who just started rambling about axes at the meeting in Rivendell. It explains his ability to keep up with Aragorn and Legolas, the respective uber specimens of their races, and his bromance with the latter that in the movies comes out more like Legolas taking a pet monkey than a legitimate, respect based friendship between two strong warriors.

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