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One Man’s Junk is Another Man’s Treasure!


Vintage Oil CansJunk It is a huge fan of American Pickers. It’s only natural, we both deal with junk! If you aren’t a fan of the show then you should be! We are all familiar with antique dealers who buy and sell antiques from a store but we aren’t too familiar with how the antiques get there in the first place! Thanks to Mike Wolfe and Frank Fritz, antique pickers are now in the spotlight. Their episodes are laden with beautiful sceneries, laughter, frustration and amazing finds! You get to experience the thrill and adventure behind antique picking as they travel across states, meeting collectors, hoarders, amateur historians and down-right dirty and dangerous sheds, each with amazing stories to tell. They race against time encountering left over from other pickers, scraping through jewels and junk in order to find “the one.” Each and every treasure they uncover is like a new history lesson, providing everyone a glimpse into the distant past of the American life. It’s a risky business and sometimes the best pickers buy the biggest junk. But sometimes, another man’s junk is another man’s treasure. Not so long ago, Junk It found these amazing old oil cans in one of their bins! Strangely enough, Frank Fritz from American Pickers LOVES old oil cans. In a quick video about his love for oil cans, he says that some that are full and in good condition can go for thousands! Although the ones we found seem pretty beat and are long gone by now, it.

Reminded us of Frank and how history can be found in the craziest places. Maybe next time we will call Frank and Mike to crawl around in our dumpsters! YIKES! I don’t think so!


Written September 26, 2011 by Christopher Luciano

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