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Renovations that add value to your home


Everyone knows the joys of owning their first house, but that joy quickly fades as you begin to notice you are living in a money sink hole. But do not despair! You can add value to your home with quick easy fixes, that later on will have you jumping for joy. Put down the jack-hammer and read the top 3 ‘Do it yourself’ renovations that have the most return on investment according to Royal LePage in 2008.

  1. Painting the interior: Get rid of the old fashioned wall paper and faded paint and replace it with warm, neutral colours that give an inviting feeling. Not only can you match any furnishings with it, but it will also allow prospect buyers to be able to do the same. Painting gives you 50-100% return on investment.
  2. Replace carpeting with affordable laminate: Everyone hates carpeting. It gets dirty easily and cleaning it is a pain. Replace old carpeting with affordable laminate that brings your house from dirty and dusty to modern and clean. Doing this can give you a 50-75% return on investment.
  3. Install new light fixtures, knobs and hardware: Nothing dates a home more than its fixtures. So replace them all with new ones and gain 60-100% return on investment. Doing these small touch ups doesn’t take as long as you might think. Weekend projects that the whole family can do will not only make you feel great about your new home but will have your house ready to sell when the time comes. If you end up doing bigger renovations, you may need the extra help but return on investments are equally as high. And if you need to rent a dumpster, you can always give us a call as well! 416-531-5865.

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Written April 30, 2012 by Christopher Luciano

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