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Effingham Chapel 2460 Hwy. 21 South Rincon, GA 31326 (912) 754 6421. He was found in a pool of blood and his death was initially being investigated by murder squad detectives but yesterday a post mortem examination revealed that Mr Oakley, who was married with a 21 year old daughter, had died of natural causes.He had a cut to his head, believed to be caused as he collapsed on the third floor landing. However, police are still treating his death as suspicious.Police yesterday interviewed a 16 year old about the incident. The chase occurred after a CMT Transport number 122 red bus had stopped in Byrom Street, in Liverpool city centre, at about 11am on Thursday,Cheap Oakleys when youths jumped aboard.They snatched the driver’s cash dispenser and takings and fled, but he gave chase, leaving the double decker unattended.Police believe that Mr Oakley ran through nearby streets in pursuit of the gang and entered a block of flats in Juvenal Street, about 400 yards away.Detective Chief Inspector Frank Thompson said: “He was found by a resident of the flats face down in a pool of blood on the third floor.”Paramedics were called but he was dead when they got there.”Mr Oakley’s widow, Audrey, said later: “It is hard to speak about what has happened.

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The 48 year old surgeon and administrator has known since fourth grade that she was a girl trapped in a boy s body. Lively will finally put aside the stereotypical male persona she has worked to create over the years Army surgeon, skydiver, martial arts expert and be her real self. She has been taking hormones for three years (but bound her breasts for work), grown her hair and nails and has been living as a woman outside of work, with the support of her wife and adult daughter.

3. Besides filming Mauna Loa, the world’s largest active volcano, from Mauna Kea and Haleakala (I’ve included a shot of the “world’s most beautiful sunrise”), I backpacked for a solitary dozen miles on steep and sharp lava rocks to its 13,700 feet summit. In the morning, my water bottle was frozen solid after I had camped to capture what is likely the first night time and sunrise time lapses from the top of the summit cliffs overlooking the immense Mokuaweoweo caldera..

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