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Why ‘Recycle’ Should be Your New Mantra


Many of the items that end up in our trash are actually useful so before the next time you head over to the trash bin to throw something out, think about ways that you can reuse what you normally consider garbage. Changing the way we think about packaging, single-use products, and other trash will lead to less garbage in landfills at the end of the day. In addition to keeping the idea of recycling on your mind, we’ll walk through some specific guidelines that will bring immediate changes to your recycling routine.

Recycle Your Bags

Green Thumbs Go Greener

Seed pots can come in the reusable, plastic form that are pliable but also crack easily. There are also paper seed pots that biodegrade easily, but you can save yourself some money by using toilet paper rolls. If you’re seeding a number of different plants, grab yourself a tray, fill it with soil, and stand your rolls next to each other so that they’re relatively stable and won’t tilt when shaken. The open bottoms of the rolls will automatically drain the water from the soil, making for a functioning seeding tray.

Be Creative with Recycling

Given how much yogurt the average person eats, the amount of waste generated from discarded cups is considerable. Yogurt cups are sturdy and reusable, making them great containers for holding all sorts of contents, such as paint. The best part is they’re easy to wash, and you could probably get by without using too much water or soap when you plan on changing paint colours.

Making the Most out of Candles

Candle ends are often wasted because candles mostly aren’t designed to use up all of its own wax. Grab a mason jar or any other clean glass jar that you like, and throw in the unused wax from other candles. It’s best to try and remove the wicks of old candles so that the flame is easier to control, and don’t forget to peel off stickers or wrappers because those can melt and become a fire hazard.

Recycle Your Bags

Reusable fabric bags aren’t the only types that can be used multiple times. Sturdier plastic bags can be used for shopping before they develop holes, at which point they make great liners for garbage bins that hold mostly dry trash. Ziploc bags can also be reused as they were designed to be sturdy in the first place, just be sure to rinse them with soap and hot water if they were used to hold food, especially raw meats.

Written August 27, 2015 by Christopher Luciano

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